Fish On! Motel was established in 1988. Started, built, and still run by Captain Mike with the best location, right in the middle of Pulaski, Ontario and across the street and on the town pool. With the personal knowledge Capt. Mike gives to not just charter and drift boat clients but to his lodgers.

We are the place to be for a great trip. We have provided service to over 100,000 people. Capt. Mike started fishing Lake Ontario and Salmon River in the sixth grade back in 1976. He has been doing it professionally since 1988.

Alot of places in Pulaski say they are fmaily owned for 25 years, what they don’t say is that there’s been four or five different families that’s owned it. Fish On! Motel has been owned and run by one person, Captain Mike for over 25 years! If you need some help and knowledge about this fishery, Captain Mike has more experience than anyone! Remember, since 1988 Captain Mike has not worked in any other area except fishing on Lake Ontario and the Salmon River. Captain Mike’s job is fishing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year… for over 25 years now!!! Try finding anyone in the area that can truthfully make this statement.